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World history homework help

World history homework help. 1.) Please describe in detail some of the challenges to regional stability currently facing East Asia (For example; N. Korea, Taiwan, China’s rising power, Japan’s past imperialism, and potential remilitarization, etc.). What are the causes of these circumstances and what is your educated opinion about how can these issues be resolved? What role can the United States play in maintaining stability …and why would it be in America’s national interests to do so? How do you view President Trump’s approach compared to President Obama’s or President Bush’s policies? 2.) Why is the “Pacific Rim” of East Asia becoming an increasingly significant force in the global economy? Please describe which countries have the largest economies in the region and why. What are their similarities and differences? Who are the Asian “Tigers” or “Dragons” and why were their economies so successful? Which county has the absolute worst economy in East Asia and why?

World history homework help


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