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Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help.

Final Project DETAILS:


A Psychology Professor is interested in understanding factors that impact final exam grades for his 100-level freshman Psychology Statistics class.

For each of the (N=) one-hundred student in the class, the professor collects data for Math Placements results obtained during pre-semester orientation/registration – 38 students had low-level (Developmental) Math skills; 38 were proficient in basic 9th grade Arithmetic and Algebra only;  and 24 students had advanced Math skills at the Calculus level.  Math levels were recorded as 1 = Low Math Skills; 2 = Moderate Skills, and 3 = High math skills.  The professor also obtains data on the number of hours (1, 2, or 3) that each student studied for the exam.

Select and conduct an appropriate analysis to assess impact of math Placement (X1), Study Hours (X2) and possible interaction, on the DV Exam Grades (Y).  Be sure to test the assumptions for that analysis using EDA.

Develop a research hypothesis to test based on the literature. Summarize the results using correct APA style. Be sure to include the appropriate Tables and Graphs. You can use my sample summaries for as a guide for your summary.

ATTACHED is the 2 x 3 Factorial ANOVA SPSS

I found some helpful YouTube videos to help with adding narration to a power point presentation:

Statistics homework help


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