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SOLVED 19998

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Task: This first essay asks you to use the analytical skills you’ve learned in the course so far. The assignment is in two parts:

Write an imitation poem for D.A. Powell’s “My Life as a Dog”
Write an essay that is an analytical justification for why your imitation poem is faithful to the original. You must analyze both poems.

Minimum Requirements for the imitation poem:

Your poem must be similar in length, tone, and format to the original. This means paying attention to where the line breaks are between stanzas, in addition to the indents.
Your poem must be titled “My Life as a _____” but should NOT be about a dog. Choose some other animal for your poem.
Your poem should also be an extended metaphor for something else the way that Powell’s poem is an extended metaphor. It does not have to be one of the same extended metaphors as Powell’s poem.

Minimum Requirements for the essay:

Now that you’ve written the poem you must now write an essay that justifies the content and form of your imitation.
Your essay must clearly reflect an accurate understanding/interpretation of the “My Life as a Dog.” (Your understanding/interpretation must of course also be evident in your imitation.)
The introduction should clearly state what is the extended metaphor for both Powell’s poem and your imitation.
Your interpretation of the original poem is backed up by direct evidence from the poem in the form of quotes.
Avoid analyzing all of Powell’s poem then analyzing your own poem. Keep all related analysis group together. Remember too that a good portion of your grade depends on the quality of your analysis.
If you choose, you may include a very short reflection about the writing process. You’re most likely going to integrate into either the intro or conclusion.
Your essay must be at least 1400 words in length, double-spaced, typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.
You may use a standard structure for your essay (such as, TEA/PIE paragraphs, thesis statement, topic sentences), but it is not required. Essentially, this is an argumentative essay, but I encourage you to find more creative ways of arguing why your imitation poem accurately reflects both the spirit, content, and technique of the original. However, I highly recommend your essay contain a clear interpretative hypothesis backed up by supporting evidence from the Powell’s poem.


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