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Hello class,
Week one is upon us.
Define international terrorism in your own words.
My definition of international terrorism is the use of threats, violence, criminal and/or intimidation to further a political agenda on an international or transnational scale. These acts can be in the form of physical violence, financial institution attacks, cyber-attacks, or the targeting of critical infrastructure such as electricity or water systems, among other acts that seek to leverage political gain in an unlawful manner.
What are the main elements and how does it differ from domestic terrorism?
I would argue that international terrorism differs from domestic terrorism is that it seeks worldwide attention and recruitment while seeking effect beyond national borders. International terrorism is committed with the determination to invoke a state of fear in the general public or in a group of people based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., to intimidate these populations, compel a government. or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing certain acts. There is something people from several different nations, ethnicities, and races can rally around as their so called “cause.” Domestic terrorism stems from extremist political views that are rooted in extreme nationalist leaning ideologies. It is usually contained within national borders and is founded upon extreme racial, religious, or ideological belief lines. Domestic terrorism does not maintain much of an international approach to recruitment or attention.
Elements of terrorism include: The commission of criminal acts (such as killing, kidnapping, taking hostages, arson, and etc.), or threatening to commit criminal acts if tier demands are not met; conducting operations with the intent to spread fear among a population or directly or indirectly coerce a national or international policy in order to get them to take certain action, or to refrain from taking it; when the act involves a transnational it qualifies as international in scope.
Where the Palestinian airline hijacking campaigns and other terrorist attacks in the 1960s and 1970s successful in achieving their goals?
The Palestinian airline hijacking campaigns and terror attacks had what many would consider tactical and strategic success. They were able to garner media attention for their cause. Strategically, they were able to strike punishing and publicly embarrassing blows to a foe far more powerful militarily than they were. Using these very public attacks brought not only Israel, but the coaxed several international powers including Great Britain and the United States of America into negotiation. These acts were more effective than sitting and hoping for good will. They were able to secure the release of several prisoners held in multiple nations in exchange for releasing the hostages taken from the airline hijackings, and the media spotlight was squarely affixed to their cause.
I look forward to your interaction and appreciate the opportunity to learn from your perspective.
Hoffman, B. (2006). Inside Terrorism. Chapter 1. Defining Terrorism and Chapter 3. The Internationalization of Terrorism.
Keeney, G. L., & Von Winterfeldt, D. (2010). Identifying and Structuring the Objectives of Terrorists. Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 30


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