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Peer one : Stakeholder support is necessary for a successful change proposal project implementation. Consider your internal stakeholders, such as the facility, unit or health care setting where the change process is situated, and your external stakeholders, like an individual or group outside the health care setting. Why is their support necessary to the success of your project, and how you will go about securing that support?
Internal and external stakeholders’ support is a key element for the successful implementation of any project. Stakeholders can champion a project and help drive success. Therefore, the engagement of stakeholders should be a priority at the beginning of the first stages of any project to establish objectives, strategies, mutual needs, and future goals. Stakeholders are great sources of additional knowledge. Stakeholders can utilize their expertise and power to influence others and facilitate the required resources for the project implementation (Schoenhard, 2019). Thanks to the stakeholders’ experience in the industry, they can help identify unforeseen risks and help find solutions to mitigate them.
For the implementation of my capstone project, key internal stakeholders would be the WellMed’s clinical manager, doctors, my mentor (nurse practitioner), and any other employees that have direct contact with patients. This way, everyone within the organization is aware of the project and can guide patients in the right direction, so that their questions and needs are not overlooked. External stakeholders for my project on medication nonadherence include pharmaceutical companies, local pharmacies, pharmacists, and the patient’s family members. Regardless of their interest, either financial or the wellbeing of the patient, all of them would obtain what they want by improving the patient’s medication adherence.
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Peer two: There are two types of stakeholder: external stakeholders, who are outside the company ( e.g., government, customers, laws, and regulations), and internal stakeholders, which are within the organization. The internal stakeholders are directly affected by firm’s decision, e.g. mental health workers, nurses, my mentor, managers, Director or Nursing, Director of education and physicians within a hospital setting.
Support of internal stakeholders are necessary as they hold the ultimate position in the firm and if the firm does not function well then stakeholders are the ones who suffer the most. The non-functioning of the firm can affect the external stakeholders as well.
Support of external stakeholder is equally important, as customers directly affect company’s profit. If they are not satisfied, they will not buy the services and goods. Government support and fulfillment of all the laws and regulations is important as well; otherwise the company may not be able to provide their services.
To get their support we first need to identify who are the key stakeholders and present their interests to gain the support of the key stakeholders. We should present the ideas to them after complete analysis about the gains that can be made with the new project. All the cost and benefits should be presented to them and we should focus on their feedback.
Luckily I am working in one of the largest health system in New York. I do have great opportunity, resources , support, suggesions to implement my Capstone Project. My hospital strives for excellence and being a magnet hospital encourages further education in all areas.
Peer three: Internal stakeholders are people who are already committed to serving your organization as board members, staff, volunteers, and/or donors. External stakeholders are people who are impacted by your work as clients/constituents, community partners, and others. It is important to get the perspectives of both groups (“Identifying Internal and External Stakeholders,” 2019). Stakeholders enable organizations to manage projects consistently and exploit the benefits of a project. It provides a framework which helps the project manager and sponsors to make decisions that suit both stakeholder’s needs and organizational objectives or deal with situations where they may not be aligned (“Who Are Project Stakeholders?,” 2018).
For my capstone project I am developing an education plan for families to stress the importance of childhood vaccines. The internal stakeholders in my facility are hospital administration, the management team of the pediatric ER, pediatric ER physicians, and current and future nurses who will continue to implement this education plan. Incorporating all of these necessary people in my project will help to ensure the positive transition and delivery of the plan. External stakeholders include outside pediatricians, health departments, schools, and community used resources. This education plan will help to promote what these stakeholders have been stressing about the importance for vaccines for a long time. Working together, we could help to ensure future safety of children, working to eliminate the spread of disease.
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