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The purpose of this paper tis to prepare you for coming curriculum changes in the next 18-24 months at a colleges and universities state-wide. This will be considered a “Signature Assignment” for core/required classes.
Measuring the following:
1.Critical thinking skills – developing habits of mind, allowing them to appreciate the processes by which scholars in various disciplines organize and evaluate data and use the methodologies of each discipline to understand the human experience.
2.Communication skills – Refine communication of ideas, express feelings, and support conclusions effectively in written, oral, and visual formats.
3.Personal Responsibility – Develop habits of intellectual exploration, personal responsibility and physical well-being.
4.Social Responsibility – Demonstration a global perspective toward issues of culture, society, politics, environment, and sustainability.
Please choose a current government policy of interest (social or hard policy issues such as abortion, guns, taxes, healthcare, etc.), and explore the topic in a 4-page typed paper with the following components:
Introduction and brief history of the issue.
Your opinion of the issue (There is no right or wrong answer, only how well you convey your thoughts and depth of your opinion).
Your recommendation/solution for the issue.
Think of this paper as a very top-level examination of the issue. No need to delve into the nuts and bolts unless you want to do so.
Minimum of 1200 words or 4 full pages typed (This sheet is 295 words without the Title and Header). The Works Cited page is separate
Arial 11 Font
1 inch margins all around
Justified Formatting (ask me for guidance if you do not know what this means)
MLA/APA format are acceptable
Footnotes with the sources used for that page
Minimum of 4 sources outside of the textbook. (online sources are acceptable)


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