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Hello, below I have attached my assignment. All together it is (3) questions and I only need 1 to 1&1/2 pages. 1/2 page for each questions. Must be in APA format. I have attached material that could be very useful. Be sure to have a reference page and to cite everything properly.

Module 4: Exam One
Please copy the question before answering it (Ques-Ans)
Q1- Describe (actually describe without writing one-word responses) FIVE current social support resources available to older adults in America? Please do not duplicate the same response in different words. (20 points)
Q2- Are there other social supports not currently being offered (or used) that would be beneficial to older adults? Do some research to provide FIVE well-explained responses without duplication. Think of other countries and kinds of social supports available there that are not being utilized in America. Provide. at least, two references (with complete citations) for your responses. The references need to be valid using ULM library resources. (25 points)
Q3- How does loneliness affect physical and mental health? Provide 5 distinct responses (properly explained) without duplication and provide, at least, two scholarly references, with complete citations, using ULM library resources. Minimum Word requirement for EACH response: 100 (25 points)
Q4- I would like to organize an event that would get college students interested in the topic of “loneliness among older adults.” Give me FIVE concrete, realistic, well-explained suggestions on what kind of an event would attract young people to focus on loneliness among older adults and how to make the event an interesting event that would be attended by college students. And, no…. I don’t have the money to invite a band or organize a dance or a carnival. In other words, what can educational institutions (with limited budget) do to help young people understand the problem of loneliness among older adults? (30 points)
Did the student address the questions completely and clearly?
Did the question provide appropriate research citations?
Did writing errors make it difficult for the instructor to understand the responses?
The assignments will consist of essay-type and short-answer type questions
Title of the book: Social Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Subscription), 10th Edition
Authors: Nancy R. Hooyman, Kevin Y. Kawamoto, and H. Asuman Kiyak
Year of Publication: 2018
Format: Adobe Reader
ISBN: ISBN-9780133913156
Format Access Code Card
ISBN: ISBN-9780133911510
Link to access the Revel edition of the Textbook
You can access your Revel edition of the book by clicking on the following link:
Module 4: Lecture Materials– Chapter 9 Importance of Social Supports for Older Adults
As people age, their social roles and relationships alter, largely because of age-associated physiological and psychological changes, chronic illness, and fewer opportunities for social engagement. At the same time, their need for social support may increase because of changes in health, cognitive, and emotional status or in their living situation. Fortunately, most older adults create and maintain meaningful social networks that can enhance resilience and are central to active aging. Given the salience of informal networks for well-being, programmatic interventions are designed specifically to strengthen such ties.
Please read Chapter Nine.

Module Summary
Salience of Informal Networks for Elders’ Well-Being
The importance of informal social support networks for older people’s physical and mental well-being is widely documented. Contrary to stereotypes, very few older people are socially isolated. The majority have family members with whom they are in regular contact, although they are unlikely to live with them. Their families serve as critical sources of support, especially when older members become impaired by chronic illness and need assistance with daily tasks.
Friends and Neighbors as Social Support
For many older persons, friends and neighbors can be helpful in maintaining morale and quality of life. Generally, women interact more with friends than do men. In recognition of the importance of informal networks to physical and mental well-being, mutual support, neighborhood and community-based interventions are designed to strengthen friendship and neighborhood ties. In recent years, many of these programs and even communities have attempted to foster intergenerational contacts.
Provide Support Too Pets are often vital sources of support, although they should never be a substitute for human interaction. In sum, the majority of older persons continue to play a variety of social roles—partner, parent, grandparent, friend, and neighbor—and to derive feelings of satisfaction and self-worth from these interactions.
Helpful link

Growing Old – Coping With Problems Of Isolation And Abandonment
Click link to open resource.


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