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I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

When responding to posts of other learners, please ensure that those responses are substantive. Add to the discussion, offer examples, rather than posting an “I agree” statement. Tell why you agree. Augment your thinking to the critical level. Ask any questions that will help you better understand each post. Make suggestions that will provide food for thought.
Student paper down below:
Behavior theories appears to fit me the best from what I read in the literature. I am always excited to eager to learn from others regardless of their status. In knowing that one is capable of learning from anyone else, including their clients, a person will naturally grow as they continue to move through the process. It is stated that “Behavior theories opened doors to the idea that certain behaviors and skill leaders used can be identified, observed, and learned” (Harley-McClaskey, 2015). As it is always important to take the time to learn from others, it is also important to remember that others will be learning from you as well, with that being said, making sure one is patient with their followers who are also eager to learn as well. This is where I feel as if I identify from this literature. I have not had a lot of experience leading in the work place outside of client work, so I am not sure how it would actually be in a staffing situation. However, I am excited to get to this point and learn as I go. I do find myself taking the time to learn from my leaders, which I have found all of which have different strenghts to offer. This to me is where true learning occurs. I have found that I observe and take in information like a sponge on any therapeutic approach. This has allowed me to find myself being able to take different approaches with different clients as needed.


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