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Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

When responding to posts of other learners, please ensure that those responses are substantive. Add to the discussion, offer examples, rather than posting an “I agree” statement. Tell why you agree. Augment your thinking to the critical level. Ask any questions that will help you better understand each post. Make suggestions that will provide food for thought.
Student post down below:
Discussing leadership within organizations, and those leaders that I worked with, and under as a subordinate, is a subject that has many experiences, both positive and negative that can be told. Suffice it to say that the negatives were learning challenges that taught what not to do, and the positive formed a leadership style that works for a human service organization.
It is true that service as a concept in a for-profit organization is important, but the major focus in on delivery of a product and making sure that the customer/consumer will return and provide positive feedback. A non-profit only has service to sell and their role has to be focused on providing needed services and their customer may be clients as individuals or communities as well as organizations. The missions of each type of organizations may also be quite different as making a profit is not the core value of a non-profit.
Having worked in a for-profit organization for over thirty years, I found that most of the leaders tended to be of the behavioral school. They were selected by known and displayed corporate leadership skills. They worked to get things done and their relationship with their subordinates was one of authority. There was no doubt as to who/whom was in charge. Many followed corporate policy to the letter and their focus was on getting ahead. Climbing the corporate ladder was their focus. During this time the company focus was on downsizing and perhaps it would have been difficult for a transformational leader to function. Becoming focused on staff that you may have to downsize would not have been comfortable.
Needless to say, over a five- year period many persons, some with over 30 years of service exited, not willingly as jobs went to India or were eliminated. Doing this to another person is not for the faint of heart no matter how much one believed in a company’s vision. Working within this environment did not serve one well and it was almost a blessing/relief to be given the door. Behavioral leaders, as existing within the workplace, did not appreciate someone who believed in the concept of transformational theories. It is my understanding that not much has changed since leaving, and many persons, who were not asked to leave, chose to seek employment elsewhere or retire willingly. While a stressful and negative environment, there was also a learning experience. What to do and how to treat others, the value of building professional relationships with staff was a lesson well learned and a respected one. The leadership style and values attributed to a human service leader are those that can provide positive results and staff success.


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