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Option 1.
Pick an urban policy issue that interests you.
Find additional references and data to support an interesting synthetic analysis of your topic. At least one of the additional references (which you must incorporate into your essay in a substantive and meaningful way) must be a paper from the reading list or from the references section in O’Sullivan. This is in addition to the relevant portions of O’Sullivan which you should be sure to use. (O’Sullivan, Arthur. 2019. Urban Economics, 9th ed. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Irwin. )
Length: Approximately 10 – 12 pages (certainly not more than 15) including the title page, references, tables, or figures.
Option 2.
A thoughtful, evaluative review of a good book or of a significant research paper can be very interesting. (regarding urban economics)
Length: Approximately 10 – 12 pages.


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