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I need support with this English question so I can learn better.

First, write down 5 different body rituals in your post and 5 different adjectives you can use to describe these people in your post.
Who is this text REALLY about? Consider what Nacirema is spelled backwards.
Does knowing what this text is really about change your opinion about these people? Why or why not?
What is Miner’s purpose in writing about these people in this way? What do we have to learn about the adjectives we initially used to describe these people?
What is Audre Lorde’s claim about oppression?
How does Miner’s lesson relate to Audre Lorde’s claims in her text?
How can we apply the idea of the “Voices from the LEFT” to Miner’s and Lorde’s texts?

Answer each question do not put in paragraph form. doesn’t have to be very long. These two links are the text you use to answer the questions:……


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