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(200 word overall)
You will continue to work on the impact of climate change in a specific location. Keep track of your work since it will be important for your final project!
In WEEK 4 you made FOUR predictions or hypotheses about the impact of temperature changes on your location.
1. Remind me (and you!): What were your predictions?
1a. WRITE prediction 1
1b. WRITE prediction 2
1c. WRITE prediction 3
1d. WRITE prediction 4
You used multiple websites to explore climate change in your location:

Explore these websites: (NOTE: The list of sites sites archived in Jan. 2017 to work around very recent changes to federal government websites)

EPA U.S. Climate Change.

Explore the impact of changing climate on regions in the U.S.
Explore the potential for adaptation to climate change in the U.S.
Read summaries of impacts in regions around the world.

National Climate Assessment. Click on REGIONS to explore impacts in U.S.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Explore temperature and precipitation data for U.S. cities (click “Display Trend”).
Explore climate data sets from around the world.

Union of Concerned Scientists. Explore climate change impacts around the world.

A website you identified.

2. Use these websites to identify EVIDENCE that supports your FOUR hypotheses or predictions. EXPLAIN this evidence – make sure you cite your sources. Feel free to explore beyond these websites as well – you will need to find additional resources for the WEEK 8 homework.
2a. I predicted that snowfall would increase in E. Lansing over the next 50 years. Website contains a map that shows that snowfall is expected to double in E. Lansing by 2040 and stay that way until 2060.


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