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SOLVED 19911

I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

Part 1
Remember to include a heading for each short essay. The heading should include the following as discussed at Orientation.
Unit #
School, Grade, and Subject you teach
Discuss and explain why inclusion is important for all students. Provide classroom examples or experiences. Be sure to include an introductory paragraph, main ideas, examples, and a closing or summary paragraph.
Part 2
Explain the three principles of UDL (universal design for learning). Give ONE specific example of how you could use EACH of these principles in your classroom (a total of 3 examples, one for each principle)
Part 3
Discuss the characteristics of students with specific learning disabilities. Explain and provide examples of how students with disabilities can be included in a regular education classroom (if you don’t have students with disabilities in your classroom, explain how you could include these students)


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