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(200 Words Overall)
WEEK 6: Your reading this week consists of five pages from Berkeley’s Understanding Science website. These readings relate to the role of evidence in science and scientific arguments. You should read:
1. The core of science: Relating evidence and ideas. The remaining pages can be accessed from here, and are also all listed below.
2. Putting the pieces together: The hard work of building arguments
3. Predicting the past
4. Arguments with legs to stand on
5. Summing up scientific arguments
This week I would like you to practice making and critiquing arguments. Complete the tasks below. In your REPLIES, use the fallacies discussed in the chapter to critique other people’s arguments. This week, the REPLIES will be worth more points overall than the original Discussion POSTS.
1. Make an evidence-based argument about the impact of climate change in the location you have been working with in your Homework. Make sure to:

Start your argument by stating the location. [example: “I am making an argument about the impact of climate change on El Savador.”]
State your argument as an “if, then”, “either, or”, “therefore” or similar set of statements.
Provide your evidence!

You can also bring in ideas from the lecture.


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