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SOLVED 19897

I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

your paper.(4-5 page)
This report should include the following:

Definition of your community
Description of at least 2 Supreme Court cases and/or laws that have affected your community (either positively or negatively)
Your assessment of the current status of your community (think about whether anything else may be needed to ensure equality for this group)
Citations properly formatted

Must include key course concepts from the Greenberg-Page text.(Privacy, the fourth amendment, etc)
I have provided chapters 15,16,17.
I have provided a simple outline with 2 topics, you can choose one to write about, or you can choose other topics by yourself.

Resources to help you:

PCC Shatford Library POLSC 1 LibGuideLinks to an external site.
ACLU Website (Links to an external site.) (for overview of underserved communities and current news)
SCOTUS blog (Links to an external site.) (Supreme Court Blog)
Oyez Cases


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