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SOLVED 19891

I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

2. The placebo effect is powerful, but it is not unlimited. After listening to the NPR piece on “Thought Field Therapy,” what are the limitations of the placebo effect and how might it create the illusion that treatments are effective?

STEP 1: To successfully complete this learning module, you should first begin reading Chapter 12 in its entirety.
STEP 2: When you get to the discussion of Psychodynamic Therapy (p. 426), watch this brief video:
Time Limited Psychodynamic Therapy
STEP 3: Continue reading. When you get to Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (p. 427), watch these brief videos:
Exposure Treatment
Cognitive Therapy
STEP 4: Continue Reading. When you get to Humanistic Therapy (p. 430), watch this brief video (Start at 3:00 and end at about 10:00):
Carl Rogers
STEP 5: When you get to evaluating therapy and the “Scientist Practitioner Gap,” listen to (or read) this:
Untested Therapies: What’s the Harm?
Then watch this:
Timothy Wilson and Redirect
Then listen to what science has discovered about making marriage last by listening to (or reading the transcript from) “ACT 1” from “This American Life”:
What makes marriages succeed and fail
To Read Transcript of “ACT 1” go here:
Transcript: What makes marriages succeed and fail
Finally, take a few minutes and read this description of “Mindfulness” training at UCLA:
UCLA Mindful Awareness
Then listen to one of their (3-12 minute) guided meditations (you are not required to do this but you may find it very interesting):
Mindful Meditations


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