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SOLVED 19881

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Question 1:…
Take this quiz then send me the answers back and i will submit.
Question 2:
Articles: Find a peer reviewed journal article relative to the information we have discussed so far.
Type a 1-2 page summary explaining your findings and how this information is relevant to Human Resources.
Be sure to type in APA format & style and post a reference list.
I will find the article and send to you.
Question 3:
The second part of a project related to Being Your Best Self: Making an Ethical Decision. You should review and be able to use the Being Your Best Self – Moral Decision-Making subject matter available through Moodle.
1.5 – 2 pages at the most. 2 academic resources should be used in addition to the original source of the news article. (3 total sources for full credit).
Read the textbook and the Moodle resources about ethical decision-making, including stakeholder evaluations.
Using the news article or ethical issue submitted in Part 1 complete the following.
In your submission, briefly explain:
1) What decisions are possible (the ethical and unethical)?
2) What stakeholders should be considered and at what level of importance?
3) What decision you have decided is best in this situation that you have found?
This link is what the teacher posted for this assignment.


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