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SOLVED 19874

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Topic: Analyze the short story with a focus on three themes to critically examine. Quote from the text to support your analysis of the literature (short story). Develop a strong logical and direct thesis sentence (place it at the end of the first paragraph (Introduction).
The only source for this paper is the short story; no additional source will be accepted for this paper.
Remember: Contraction words, such as (don’t, didn’t, it’s, doesn’t etc.) are not used in formal academic writing.
——————————————————————————————————————————-Paper Requirements for Critical essay #1
Essay must have a thesis sentence.
No Study Guides of any kind are to be used for this essay to support your analysis or used as a source. I am interested in your critical thinking and writing skills not theirs.
4-page essay; 3 full pages of content page 4 is the Works Cited
Please do not have a page long paragraph. A complete paragraph is at least five to eight complete sentences.
Quote to support your thesis argument. Make sure to provide in-text citation for quotes. Do not over quote. Quotes are not in italics they must be in the same type as the entire essay.
There is a 1-inch margin for the entire paper.
The sources on the Work Cited the author’s last name first at the margin all lines after the author line is indented one-tab space. You are cite the short story and our literature book together as one source.
Your last name 4Work Cited
Valenzuela, “Lusia. “All About Suicide.” Compact Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing, by Laurie G.
Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, Cengage Learning, 2017. p.7.
The entire paper is double spaced.
Sources on the Works Cited are double spaced. Authors names are in ALPHABETICAL order with the authors last name first. All lines after the line with the authors name is indented ONE TAB space.
MLA Format (If you are not familiar with MLA; Google, OWL for the most current MLA format or how to cite correctly a source.
No cover page the essay begins on page one.
12 Font Times Roman
Double Space throughout the entire paper. Indent all paragraphs.
Late papers will not be


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