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SOLVED 19871

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Pick a company(in this case this is Hotel Indigo) that you would like to work for that isn’t yet a major MNC (multinational corporation), but needs to expand its presence in emerging international markets. As one of the company’s executives you will be tasked with preparing the lead executive for deployment in a foreign country (in this case Tokyo japan). Across the course, you will create a portfolio of deliverables to support the executive’s successful transition into a new cultural and business environment.

Pick a foreign country and the particular city where your company will establish its headquarters.
Remember: You are preparing these materials for a top-level executive, so 1) Don’t waste their time; 2) Focus; 3) Be Useful
Your executive needs assistance with: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Week 5 Deliverable: PESTEL Analysis
Conduct a PESTEL analysis to formulate strategy for your company; Include alternatives and conclude with recommendations for implementation which are the best fit for your company. Create a chart for the PESTEL analysis and a narrative for the alternatives recommendations.


Length: 1 page for chart, 3-5 pages for narrative
References: APA style


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