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I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

Length: 2000-3000 words
Format: MLA; please include a list of works cited (see Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)); please indicate the paper’s word count in the MLA header after the date.
Task: Write an essay that synthesizes at least a dozen of the readings that we have discussed (or optional readings that we did not discuss) thus far in class and that answers, in your thesis, the following questions:
What is Trump’s ethos, especially as depicted in The Art of the Deal and The Apprentice?
How does that ethos attract or repel specific groups of voters? You may wish to focus on two or three of the following groups: evangelicals, (never-Trump) Republicans, white nationalists, minorities, college educated whites, and non-college educated whites.
I have some additional, small requirements for this essay:
1) Your essay should include at least a handful of quotations, with their attendant introductions and explanations, and you should introduce at least one quotation with an independent clause followed by a colon. (See the “punctuating quotations
” handout.) Highlight or underline your introduction that fulfills this requirement.
2) When the relationship between paragraphs isn’t obvious, use transition words or phrases
at the beginning of a paragraph.
3) Your essay must not use question marks. That means that you cannot ask rhetorical questions.
4) Your essay must not include the phrase “talks about.” Instead, use something more specific
, like argues, claims, suggests, or explains.
Peer Review: 15 points for meeting the word count, and 10 points for finishing your peer reviews on time. Mark liberally on the drafts, and then fill out the rubric.



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