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Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

This week we have focused on better understand security and security regimes within the global political order. Many argue that security has been a dominant framework in world politics since 9/11 leading to a fundamental reworking in our systems of development, global governance, and emergency support and response. As you write your responses, step back and consider the place of security in our contemporary world:
Please answer all the questions in your discussion post. It would be great if you can answer them together in one mini-essay rather than as series of answers (1, followed by answer 1, etc). Instead read the questions and then write a post that answers them coherently.
After a day or as soon as its posted before Sunday mid night, will need to respond to two other posting. 100 words each so a total of 200 in responses to two other students. Total of 850- 950 words, reference not included in the word counting. I will upload the required pdfs
1.What is security? What is it important for global governance? What role does it play in development in your opinion?
2.What is the relationship between individual safety and security, national security, and international peace?
3.How does the article you chose help us better see the connections between security, governance, and development?
4.Summarize the article, not from abstract but the whole reading. “The Cartographic Ambiguities of HarassMap: Crowdmapping Security and Sexual Violence in Egypt.” Security Dialogue, 46(4); 345-364.
Read the following articles, and watch the documentary below.
Brown, Chris, and Kirsten Ainley. Understanding International Relations, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. Chapter 5. “Power and Security”
Amar, Paul. (2013). “Introduction: The Archipelago of New Security-State Uprisings.” In The Security Archipelago: Human-Security States, Sexuality Politics, and the End of Neoliberalism.” Durham: Duke University Press.
Gonzales, Alfonso. (2016). “Neoliberalism, the Homeland Security State, and the Authoritarian Turn.” Latino Studies, 14(1): 80-98.
Grove, Nicole. (2015). “The Cartographic Ambiguities of HarassMap: Crowdmapping Security and Sexual Violence in Egypt.” Security Dialogue, 46(4); 345-364.
The Immigration Paradox
Video 1 of playlist “The Immigration Paradox – Diverse Stories Reveal Root Causes of Mass Migration“


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