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Argue the case for the the thesis that you proposed in the Proposal utilizing one of the myths we have covered (or will cover) in class (Ramayana, Metamorphoses, Trickster Tales, or one of the many myths in Parallel Myths, but substantiated by a long, classical source of the myth) and a modern myth of your own choosing (film, story, etc.). You have already found your sources and outlined your paper in the Outline assignment, so now is when you actually write your final edited paper. Your term paper must be at least 1600 words minimum, and includes the following:
1. Thesis (note with an asterisk: *)
2. 5 sources, 2 of them books, cited in proper MLA format.
3. 8 quotes (not paraphrases! actual quotes from sources, in “”) minimum from your sources, including the theorist.
4. Support your argument with quotes from the theorist you picked in your proposal from Parallel Myths.
5. Exposition and analysis of your classical myth, with appropriate classical & legitimate source.
6. Exposition and analysis of your modern myth.
Books to use: Bierlein, J.F.. Parallel Myths. New York: Ballentine Books, 1994.
Ovid. Metamorphoses – MIT Classics.
Narayan, R.K. The Ramayana. New York: Penguin, 2006.


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