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Your boss has asked for a report on the latest issue at work. Describe the issue in a focused paragraph and then engage in at least one brainstorming strategy discussed in this unit. Based on your brainstorming, create an outline for the report. Finally, create a focused thesis statement for your report.

part 2
For this assignment, you will be turning in two documents. The first document is a copy of the final draft of the paper, and the second document is a short essay discussing the revision technique you used to polish the paper.
Apply at least one of the revision techniques to the draft you created in Unit 4 to create a polished, final draft. Additionally, write a short essay that explains the techniques you used. Include an outline and discussion of the technique you used, why you used the technique, and how you feel it helped create a better paper.
Your short essay should be at least one and a half pages in length but not more than two pages.
APA Writing Requirements
*You will use this outline for the graded assignment in Unit 4 so make sure to give it your full attention.


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