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SOLVED 19798

Can you help me understand this Business question?

Course name: Business Writing.

1) Submit a one page business letter. I will send the case study related. I will send a sample and a power point if needed.
2) Edit a one page cover letter through review feature. I will send the letter. I will send a power point if needed.
“Please assist your friend or colleague in improving their cover letter using the Review feature in Word as you might in an actual business setting. Many offices also use Track Changes, which is best used when you are changing only a word or sentence. But the Review feature works best when you are at the idea stage of the writing process and have many comments–not simply editing a few things.
■You will need to create your own word document in order to edit it. Please label with your name.
For help understanding the parts of a cover letter, see link provided in the power point Writing the Business Letter. “


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