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Module 10 Final Research Paper Submission

Due Feb 16 by 9:59pm
Points 100
Submitting a file upload
Available Feb 2 at 10pm – Feb 16 at 9:59pm 14 days

Submit your revised and completed Final Research paper.
Before you submit your Final Research paper, be sure that you have used proper APA format throughout, as follows:

Running Head
Page Numbers
Cover Page
In-text and Reference Page Citations
Appendices if necessary
minimum 4 references
3-5 pages not including cover page, abstract, etc.

Assignment Submission:

The use of outside resources is required, and all papers must be cited and written in APA format.
Once you have completed the assignment, click the Submit Assignment option in the menu to the right and select a format for submitting your assignment.
Click the Submit Assignment button when you are ready.

On a page separate from your final paper complete the following:
What barriers did you face in regard to writing your research paper?
How did you overcome these barriers?
Are you happy with the topic you choose?
What was one interesting thing you learned during your research?
What will you do differently the next time you have to write a research paper?
Just needed to include another page or two to the rough draft that was created with an additional reference to make the minimum of 4. Also needing an abstract to the topic chosen. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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