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The written assignment this week is a nice change from the usual APA written assignment! This week you will be instead creating an ecomap, genogram and writing an analysis of the information. You will need to interview a family and then illustrate their interfamilial relationships as well as their external support systems and stressors by creating a genogram and ecomap. You will also analyze the ecomap and genogram.

No title page is required
Review the ecomap and genogram in the textbook in Chapters 12, 13, 14, and 15. This will be your guide as you create an ecomap and genogram similar to that based on your interviewed family
Include a legend consisting of genogram and ecomap symbols as shown in the text. If this is missing, there will be points deducted.
Write an analysis of the family relationship based on the concepts from the text and outside resources. This is where your 4 references will be used.

The genogram, ecomap and written information must all be in one document.

Assistance with creating help in constructing the genogram/ecomap. Here are instructions for Word, can also be used in Excel and PowerPoint.

In the Ribbon across the top of the page, click INSERT, then SHAPES and choose a rectangle, circle, or line.
Hover over the edge of the shape you’ve placed (cursor should turn into a four-headed arrow) and right-click. Choose ADD TEXT to add text to the center.
To move objects, hover over them until cursor becomes four-headed arrow, then drag and drop. You can change fill/color etc. by right-clicking and selecting FORMAT SHAPE.
Copy/paste is your best friend when drawing shapes, lines, etc. Once you have a shape created (or find a shape you like in another document), copy and reuse it.

Must include 4 references, 2 must be from course materials and 2 from peer reviewed references. As we are aware in week 4 there is only 1 required/recommended reference, the students will be given instruction to use the Kaakinen text and 3 additional peer reviewed references to meet the guidelines of the assignment
Reference must be no older than 5 years (2014-2020) unless course material.
4 point per day deduction for late assignments


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