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Select one of the motivational theories, concepts, or tools that you read about this week (see reading info below), and describe how you might use one of these approaches to enhance employee motivation within your workplace. Why did you select this particular approach? What are the positives and negatives about this approach? Evaluate the strengths and challenges of your approach to create positive attitudes and motivation in the context of the multicultural workplace.
In the Macey, Schneider, Barbera, & Young (2009), Chapter 3: “The Key to an Engaged Workforce: An Engagement Culture,” the authors discuss the importance of a culture of trust and fairness to sustain a culture of engagement. Select one of the theories of motivation and assess how it could be used to create a culture of trust and fairness in the multicultural workplace.
Reading Info:
Latham (2011), Chapter 8: “Values: Trans-Situational Goals”
This chapter describes the importance that values have upon the individual employee’s needs, personality, and motivation. Values also serve as a guiding basis for the person’s goals, expectations, and needs. Similarly, different contexts will affect the way employee’s needs are met and values fulfilled. In this chapter, you will focus upon the trans-situational goals, which reflect the values and contextual variables in determining employees’ motivation. Central to the discussion of values, contexts, and trans-situation goals is the differences in motivations found within a particular multicultural workplace.
Macey, Schneider, Barbera, & Young (2009), Chapter 3: “The Key to an Engaged Workforce: An Engagement Culture”
This chapter delves into the importance of organizational culture and the methods to create a culture for employee engagement. The importance of organizational culture to align the workforce is discussed along with the way that diverse people and their environments make up the culture of the organization.


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