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case study:…
Textbook: strategic management of heath care organizations
the question:
. you will perform this analysis using the 6 steps process that will result in a complete issue map.In addition to the external analysis you will provide a service area structural analysis using poter 5 forces framework. You can find a reference on chapter 3 on page 86 to 93. When you complete the external issue map use the template below that you will find in your project guide on pages 5 and 6. Under the validation of the strategic assumptions you answer the following strategic thinking questions page 72-73. When you answer these questions answer them in paragraph format and also refer to the project template format to know how to format each questions the topic of the questions. Also when you conduct a service area structural analysis, you will see in the project format template a table you will use that table to conduct this particular analysis. Also when doing your analysis using porter 5 forces u should address each of the forces as a positively or negatively. Positively by finding opportunity and negatively by detecting the threat. Also refer to exhibit 3.3 on pages94 to 95 for additional analysis on this area.


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