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In the first part, identify the problems of humanitarian aid delivery in North Korea.
In the second part, address the following questions:

What is the DPRK government position on the effectiveness, impact, and risk of humanitarian aid?
What is the view of CARE (as shown in the video) and posited by other NGOs in the assigned readings?

What measures might NGOs take to address the political challenges that affect their ability to provide aid? Your response should not exceed 600 words.

Helpful references:

An American NGO… in North Korea
I chose this article because the author tells the story of a private citizen on a quest to provide aid to North Korea.
Baron, J. (2012, December 15).

Overcoming Humanitarian Dilemmas in the DPRK (North Korea)
I chose this article because the author provides an overview of humanitarian aid responses to the challenges in North Korea and offers recommendations for improvement.
Smith, H. (2002).

The Role of International Aid Organizations in the Development of North Korea: Experience and Prospects
I chose this article because the author reviews lessons learned and challenges faced by international NGOs in North Korea and shares a vision for possible success..
Reed, E. P. (2005).


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