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Help me study for my Statistics class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1- The purpose of regression analysis is to model the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. In Chapter 11, we study for a single independent variable x that has a linear relationship with the dependent variable y. Search for a video, news item, or article (include the link in your discussion post) that gives you a better understanding of simple linear regression or is an application in your field of study. Explain in your post why you chose this item and how your linked item corresponds to our Chapter 11 course objectives(attached). Then describe how you could use simple linear regression in a life situation.
2- response to the following:

The video present explicit explanation for simple linear regression ,how a dependent variable relate best with an independent variable in a direct linear relationship what factor will the dependent variable changes(increase or dcrease) when values of the independent variable changes.
application of regression in my future career
apply this model to analyse data organised from my field of research
for instance current am working of control chemical release of Fertilizers to plant ,this is to ensure optimal release of nutrient to plant . so i can gather data on various soil PH and the amount of nutrient release in a controlled form to detect which PH works best for the optimal controlled release.
also as an organic chemist i can use this model to investigate for a particular reaction the relationship between the concentration of the reactant and the reaction time (how concentration of reactant varies with reaction duration or time)


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