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SOLVED 19604

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TOPIC: Monitoring and policy applications
Create and submit Section 1: Proposal (maximum 15 points)

For the initial primary response submission, each student is required to submit this section individually.

This Wiki section should provide a 5-7 page Wiki proposal of the research topic, including the purpose and importance of the research, a clearly-stated research question, proposed data sources and research methods, and anticipated findings (hypothesis). The proposal should have some preliminary literature review as well, to inform the student and instructor of relevant and available data, and previous findings individual student grade, maximum: 5 points)

Proposal Guidelines
•Motivate your research
–What is the problem of practice?
–Why is it interesting?
–What are the research question(s)?
–Use Toulmin layout of arguments you propose to make
– Include a summary discussion of methods, data, literature from previous Wiki assignments
•Include Toulmin rhetorical elements, not included in prior Wiki Assignment
–Conclude by the organization of the paper
• Discuss key methodological challenges in measurement:
1) Identification (Review Identification problem in Econometrics,,
Discuss use of MIMIC model for identification (see Lecture slides and supplementary material)
2) Confounding Constructs,
3) Instrumental Variables (Review and discuss how this affects your approach and method, (
4) Alternative Causal Variables

•Discuss a modeling approach to consider a system to be composed of J agents and I Instruments
•Discuss an experimental research approach to consider a system to be composed of J agents and I instruments
•Incorporate and edit as needed your previous discussions (Wiki 1, Wiki 2, Wiki 3)
•Discuss the main proposition and claim and a set of research questions and hypotheses to be tested (see Week 5 slides for expected items to include).
You may want to include the following into the proposal in a summary way as it may support your theoretical argumentation:
–In your proposal, discuss ECB measures stress at multiple levels: (i) near-term systemic stress, (ii) build-up of imbalances and (iii) the ECB stress testing framework for macroprudential purposes.
–In your proposal discuss, discuss ECB approach parallels with measurement in the cognitive activation theory of stress where four aspects of stress (a. stress stimuli, b. stress experience, c. stress response, d. feedback from the stress response) are recognized (see (see Supplemental Material).


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