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Week #04

Please answer the following question.
Note: Essay responses must be 3 paragraphs of 4-6 sentences per paragraph unless otherwise noted.
You are in a discussion with a Christian who tells you that the Old Testament is not really essential to understanding the story of Jesus Christ. Utilizing the lessons we have learned from this course, how would you respond to this claim? In your response, cite the placement of scripture readings at a Catholic Sunday Mass (and in a mainline Christian service, for that matter), the typologies from the Old Testament, etc.
Make sure your answer references the difference between the perception of a “Messiah” in the Old Testament vs. the New and Paragraph #140 of the Catechism.
Postings MUST be based exclusively from Online Lecture and Reading Material provided in this course and NOT from other outside sources. Plagiarism is not acceptable in any form and a score of zero will be given on the paper, as the paper will be checked by Turnitin Website for plagiarism.

Exclusively use the Online Lecture and the reading material for the week to support your argument.

Doublets in the Hebrew Bible:


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