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Read pages attached will send remainder of pages once question is assigned Studypool won’t let me post them all only 6 more pages remain, take short personality test

Answer questions based on personality test and some in context material from textbook pages attached
Chapter 6 the big 5
The big five are 5 personality traits that seem to make up the majority of personality. Using the link below, take the brief test for assessing the big five traits in yourself. (Please note, this is a free, online screening test; it is not inclusive, but gives a decent estimate.) Consider your results; how accurately do you think they describe you? You can have some fun with it and also compare your results with someone else’s results. How accurately did you guess the other person’s results?

Ch. 6 The 16PF Who Are You? Apply it to You
The 16 PF is a personality test developed by Cattell. While the complete test is much more lengthy, and the results much more inclusive, a shortened version of the test can be taken online for free. This brief, free screening test is more like a combination of the 16PF and the Myers- Briggs Test. The results are fun to read and fairly accurate, especially considering that you are only taking an abbreviated version of the test. There is no need to buy a more in depth test report; the free report is sufficient for this class.
Follow the link below to take the test. It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Answer honestly (no one will see the results but you!). What were your results? How accurate was the test in describing you?

The Big Five is an essential trait theory, which holds the five main traits, in various combinations, with all its related facets and aspects, provide the basic understanding of personality.
On page 211 of your text, one researcher has identified 5 basic and universal questions that people need to ask a person, if they want to learn everything essential about that person. These five questions basically help assess the Big Five aspects of personality. Refer back to your discussion post from ch. 1, when you identified 5 questions you would ask someone if you are trying to get to know them as quickly and completely as possible. How well did your five questions match up with these 5?


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