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(1) Henry George argued that inequalities were completely natural. They were therefore both desirable and inevitable?
1. True
2. False

(2) Which of the following was NOT displayed in the 1892 People’s Party platform?
1. A desire to overcome lingering tensions from the Civil War.
2. A demand for a smaller federal government.
3. A hope to unify urban labor and rural farmers into one political class.
4. A call to nationalize railroads (i.e., make them publicly owned rather than privately owned)

(3) Which of the following arguments did R.G. Ashley make about workers and bosses? Mark all that apply? more than one options?
1. Managers of a company should have the freedom to conduct business as they saw fit.
2. Workers had the freedom to work (or not), but the terms of employment should be set solely by management.
3. Bosses owed allegiance to workers.
4. Workers owed allegiance to bosses.

(4) Which of the following items are true of the “Social Gospel”? Mark all that apply. more than one options
1. It argued that while Jesus sometimes spoke in the language of individualism, he also delivered a social message.
2. It suggested that the only solution to society’s problems was for individuals to show love to others on an individual level.
3. It declared that conditions in society had changed, therefore Christians needed to adapt their principles to new conditions
4. It rejected the deity of Jesus Christ.

(5) Which of the following is true about Frances Willard and Margaret Sanger? Mark all that apply. more than one options
1. Sanger suggested that the political and diplomat goals of the Great War would be meaningless if global populations were not controlled by giving women access to birth control.
2. They each called for gender equality.
3. Willard argued that the temperance movement would result in a government ruled by Christ’s example.
4. Sanger wanted the ideal of womanhood to be separated from the ideal of motherhood. She did not think the two were automatically synonymous.


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