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Watch the above video link. Then write a three paragraph critique using the Mini Video Critique Guidelines.
Make sure you included the information listed above (including title, music and choreographer) about the piece in the opening paragraph. Also remember that your readers have NOT seen this piece so do your best to describe it to them within your critique.
Mini Video Critique Guidelines
You will have 2 short video critiques that will prep you for your full video critique. Each of these are worth 75 points for a total of 150 points for both.
For each mini video critique you need to write three paragraph critique format with a minimum of 5 sentences in each paragraph. The critique will start with an introduction paragraph that clearly states what piece you saw and all the details about the piece (including title, choreographer, music and all information given to you). You must also have a thesis that tells the reader what you will be discussing in the body of the essay. You will follow with one support paragraph that covers the details of the piece you saw. Ask yourself questions about the movements, genres, choreographers, time in history, costumes, dancers and more. Finally in your third paragraph, you will wrap it up for the reader, briefly recapping the important items and helping the reader know why these details are relevant.
You should write your critique with the idea that your readers have not seen the pieces and have no knowledge of them. You must paint a clear picture of the pieces without just writing step by step details of the story you envision. Think about the important details and how you can discuss them in an interesting way to grab your readers. You will be given all the program information for the pieces you have to watch, but it is advised to do outside reach to support your thoughts.
Suggestions for things that could be included or places to look for ideas to begin when watching videos:

Can you apply class terminology to the description of the performance?
Analyze what you drew you into the piece and what kept you out (likes and dislikes) and explain why or why not.
Identify production elements: costumes, music/sound, lights, props, stage design
Describe the movements.
Did the choreography hold your attention? How did it convey the theme or atmosphere of the piece? What were the mood, images and ideas conveyed?
Was the program based on a narrative/storyline or more abstract?
What style of dance (s) could you identify (i.e. ballet, modern, jazz, ethnic, etc.)?
What could have been done to enhance the performance?
Do you think seeing this piece on video made it different then if you saw it in a theatre live?


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