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This week, I want you to respond to the following questions based on the case: Disaster in Bangladesh: The Collapse of the Rana Plaza Building

Economically, who benefits when retailers in Europe and the United States source textiles from low-wage countries such as Bangladesh? Who might lose? Do the gains outweigh the losses
What are the causes of the weak safety record of the Bangladesh garment industry? Do Western companies that import garments from Bangladesh bear any responsibility for what happened at the Rana Plaza and other workplace accidents?
Do you think the legally binding agreement signed by H&M, Zara, Tesco, and others will make a difference? Does it go far enough? What else might be done?

To get full credit in the discussions you are expected to post an original comments and also respond to one or more comments for an approximate total of 250 or less words
Response to the picture that I give you


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