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As NPs, you will see a high number of patients whose chief complaint is in relation to the head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat (HEENT) system. It is incumbent on you to prescribe antibiotics judiciously, even when patients pressure you to prescribe them when it is not appropriate. Turning such situations into an opportunity to educate the patient on antibiotic resistance will go far in serving the patients’ best interests.

Collaborate with your team on designing an effective educational pamphlet that will inform your patients about antibiotic resistance.
Brainstorm ideas as to how to best present the information, what information should patients be made aware of regarding antibiotic resistance, and what would be the most effective strategy to convince the patient.
Create a 4-panel brochure in the form of a patient education pamphlet on the potential risks of acquiring antibiotic resistance due to overuse of antibiotics. Use terms the patient would understand, and make sure to include an explanation on the differences between colds, sinus infections, flu, and allergy symptoms.
Include the following in your pamphlet:

Assessment strategies across the lifespan that include subjective and objective data collecting techniques
Current and emerging evidence-based preventions and treatments
Natural alternatives and biopsychosocial issues that may affect the diagnosis and treatment plans

Provide references for all sources cited and
format according to APA guidelines.
Submit your pamphlet.
Note: Use a business tri-fold Microsoft® PowerPoint® brochure template to complete this activity.

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