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Read this article about Memorial Medical Center in uptown New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:
Post your discussion and then make sure you post to 2 other student answers to this discussion question. There should be absolutely no spelling or grammar errors. You may use your book or other resources, but you must cite the resource(s) both in-text and a reference list. Minimum 250 words for initial post. Minimum 150 words for each student response. Failure to meet the minimum requirement will result in an automatic 7.5 points deduction.
If your response to another student’s post is only a couple of sentences and consists of “I agree” and “great job”, do not expect to get full credit. I encourage you to support your fellow students and you can certainly make these comments in your response, but you must respond to the subject of the student’s post specifically in order to receive full credit.
Note: I will be required to wait 30 minutes from the time I submit the initial discussion before will have access to other students’ postings. ( I will attach the two students post after the wait period is up)
***Post a discussion regarding The Deadly Choices at Memorial Hospital. Discussion should include a brief paragraph of the events that occurred during the storm and days following. Was hospital/organization protocol followed? Why or why not? By using euthanasia, did Dr. Pou abuse her power as a medical professional? Did Dr. Pou act in the best interest of the hospital and the patients?
Then, choose one of the following perspectives and describe the ethical dilemma:
Nursing staff
Clerical staff


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