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Part 1: Customer Loyalty
Respond to the following in a minimum of 500 words:
Customer satisfaction surveys are everywhere, but do they measure loyalty? Review the “Building, Measuring, and Profiting from Customer Loyalty” article from the University Library.
NOTE: this is the information of the article, Briefly summarize key points from this article and discuss strategies for earning and measuring customer loyalty.

Building, measuring, and profiting from customer loyalty.


Watson, George1
[email protected]

Beck, Joshua2
[email protected]

Henderson, Conor3
[email protected]

Palmatier, Robert4
[email protected]


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Nov2015, Vol. 43 Issue 6, p790-825. 36p.

Document Type:


PART 2: Media Options
Discuss in a minimum 250-300 words the traditional media option (TV) in terms of audience, reach, channel and content. The product is the “Oil of Olay “.
Your deliverable should include an actual marketing piece for the selected traditional media , This can be actual copy, visuals, radio text, layout sketches, storyboard, etc. (possibly including slogans, logos, etc.) to illustrate how you would incorporate your creative recommendations into the two media branding or product strategies.
Traditional Media Options (Television)~ Audience, reach, channel, content ~250-300 words
Product: Oil of Olay as our product


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