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Chapter 8 of . It tells the stories of Mike Reynolds and Wilma Derksen, two individuals who went through similar situations in which they both lost a child and felt powerless. However, they responded to them in very different ways. Reynolds was distraught over the murder of his daughter and reacted by fighting to enact tough legislation on crime. Derksen reacted to the murder of her daughter with forgiveness.
Losing a child in any way is devastating, but to be able to place the blame on a specific person or circumstance is a unique kind of devastation. There is now a target for your anger. This is the situation that both Reynolds and Derksen were in.
What do you think of their responses? Is one better than the other in situations like this? If you can bear to think of yourself in a similar situation, how might you react?
Finally, we can say with reasonable confidence that both Reynolds and Derksen were the Davids in their particular situations. What was their Goliath? What was their approach to defeat their personal Goliath, and were they successful?


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