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Now, we will create the materials for the project and we will focus on encouraging the first responders and their families to make a commitment to prepare for emergencies by following three simple steps:

Get an emergency supply kit.
Make a family emergency plan.
Be informed about the types of emergencies that you may be called upon to respond to, and know what to do when a disaster strikes.

To do this we will follow the Ready document and we create:
1- Powerpoint presentation show them the importance of 3 step above. (Look at the presentation in Ready document page 12,13, and 14) we might do something smilier like that.
2- we create form for family plan (Like that one in page 15) and you look to other template in FEMA website or in the internet. It should be attractive and simple.
3- we create form for the emergency supply kit (Look at page 17) and you look to other template in FEMA website or in the internet.
4- create the evaluation form that we will use to evaluate this training after a months from the training day.


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