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SOLVED 19551

I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

I need a 1-2 page paper written on the following:
For the second part of the project, you will reflect on the process and your personal use of language. This task allows you to review and determine the different influences on these works and how they inform your own writing and use of language.
II. Reflection: In this part of the project, you will reflect on the process of your analysis and speak to how your analysis has or will inform your use of language.
a) Explain how the use of language in the written and spoken works informed your own use of language. In other words, how was the use of language in your analysis and critique informed by the use of language in the pieces you chose? Did you learn any strategies or techniques from their proper or improper use of language?
b) Explain how the key linguistic principles, learned in this course and appearing in the written and spoken works, informed your own use of key linguistic principles.
c) Explain how your personal use of language is influenced by environmental, historical, and cultural factors.
The paper must include some of the key principles listed in the attachment. It must also be written in MLA format and cite any resources.


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