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SOLVED 19546

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After gaining approval, complete the comprehensive, clear, synthesized, quality literature review of your identified sub-population of Hispanic elders. Your paper should be organized to address each of the sections below:

Overview and Organization
Use the organizational framework below to ensure that your summary is logical, clear, well defined and supported:

Demographics (numbers/rate; SES; geographic locale)
Cultural Features

Historical context
Family dynamics
Gender roles
Inter-generational aspects
Acculturation/assimilation patterns
Religious/spiritual practices
Contemporary Issues (access to medical support, immigration, end of life, etc.)

Summary and Conclusions
Summarize your analysis, relative to social work practice with this identified subpopulation. Present the conclusions you draw from the implications you identified in the areas listed below. Articulate your conclusions in an informative, organized, critical analytical manner:


Identify limitations in sampling, measurement, identification, interpretations, methodology, etc.

Your final paper should be five-six (5-6) pages in length (excluding title and reference page) and follow APA 6th edition format. Your final paper is due in the second to last week of the course.


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