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BE THE SOULTION Option #1: Paper Assignment.
This option is for those of you that like to write and self-reflect. This formal written assignment requires a minimum of 3 pages double-spaced. In this formal paper you will focus on the following question: “Discuss at least 5 concepts learned in SWU349 and how you are applying or using them in your personal life”. The expectation is for you to reference and cite specific examples that demonstrate how you are applying the concept(s) of choice to your life. Use research (class readings, and or research articles) to cite and underscore your examples reflecting how and why these concepts are important and support personal wellness. Please use at least 3 outside sources of support.
I uploaded my 6 chapters of this class and my 3 discussions. You only need to pick 5 things in discussions or chapters. Chapter 1 and 2 are about discussion1. Chapter 5 and 6 are about discussion 3. Chapter 7 and 8 are about discussion 4.


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