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There are a number of important political issues facing the country right now and many of them has been/will be much more discourse concerning the issues you will discuss below.
Read the PDF article What is a federal republic. Then answer the questions below in approximately a one page (no more than two (2) typed pages) using Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Use information from the chapter readings, the PDF, and/or other political writings to support or refute your writing. Cite information that is not from you directly. If you did not think it, cite it.
Critical Thinking Questions:
1. What is the principle of federalism?
2. What does the Tenth Amendment state?
3. How did the Fourteenth and Seventeenth Amendments alter the system of federalism originally established in the Constitution?
4. To what extent should the national government make laws concerning the controversial topics listed below?
Use the following sources to frame your response: Article I, Section 8; Article I, Section 9; Article IV; Article VI; the Tenth Amendment; the Fourteenth Amendment.
a. Health insurance
b. Education standards
c. Marriage and family law
d. Medical marijuana
e. Assisted suicide


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