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This is war was as much about how it happened as well as why troops piled in significant and staggering numbers to join the front line. People especially men during this time felt as though they were nothing if they were not serving because it would negatively impact the view of their manliness people during this time period were so bound to national pride that serving their country was considered obligatory. Industrialism pushed productions on the homefront everything was needed for the war if it was needed, it was made and shipped no question asked. Food rations were enforced and citizens simply followed in an attempt to help support many countries “pull up by the bootstraps” mentality meaning they simply worked with what they had. Women took over men’s jobs working in the factories as a way to support their countries and bring about the idea that the home front would be there for men to return home to.
Nationalism and revolutions caused most of the mess of world war 1. Countries had clashes of ethnic groups such as Austria-Hungary because of a political assassination that was caused by the clashing of an ethnic group of Bosnian men and the Archduke of Austria Hungary. Which led to the Serbian government being blamed and then the two governments’ allies start to pile in on either side causing an escalation of how many countries are involved.
Both the civilians and soldiers during this time period experienced hell-ish conditions whether it be in regards to health of the soldiers on the front line with the devastating effects of trench foot or the neurological effects of Shell Shock soldiers’ bodies were put through Hell. Civilians were cloaked in a sense of calm and chaos which was a constant struggle. The women experienced trying to keep their households together working long hours and feeding their families with whatever they could afford. The threat of bombings was also a looming threat in many civilians heads during this time period so it was an uneasiness cloaked by a sense of false certainty.


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