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SOLVED 19501

I’m working on a Communications exercise and need support.

Please discuss the following…
Find a speech that interests you: It could be a speech from a movie, a TED talk (, a historical speech, etc., and identify:
– The thesis
– The main points
– The organizational pattern
– How does the speaker engage listeners (humor, anecdotes, presentation aids…)

Your discussion posts will be short entries throughout each week. These entries will be derived from the text. I am looking to see that you have a basic understanding of the text. The entries must be at least 200 words and in MLA format. The discussions are worth 20% of your grade.There will be no credit for late postings under any circumstances.Your posting should include your own response to the question and then a second post should be your response to another class member’s answer to the question. Both responses should show that you understand the material and that you have put effort and research into your answer. Your initial post, and response post, should contain back-up support from the text cited in MLA format.Don’t forget, all back up support should be property cited with the author’s last name and page number. In order to receive full credit, you must provide your own discussion post and provide a response to a classmate


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