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I’m working on a History exercise and need support.

Answer below discussion question and comment to a classmate post (attached below)
Pick ONE and only ONE of the following primary source reading (hyperlinked) and its associated question.
(1) Primary Source: Letter of Emperor Quianlong of China to King George III of England (1793)
Question: What are the reasons that the Chinese Emperor declines George III’s requests? What is going on in China during this period?
(2) Primary Source: Mary Wollstonecrtaft, “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” 1792
Question: In this excerpt from Wollstonecraft’s work, what is the author arguing? Do you think the women’s movement be successful in the eighteenth century?
(3) Primary Source: Carl Schurz, “A Look Back at 1848 [in the German states]” 1907
Question: How does Schurz recall the momentous events of the 1848 revolutions? What happened according to him and according to the textbook?
Grading Criteria and Rubric. Make sure to do the following:

Answer the question associated with your chosen primary document in the first paragraph
Provide historical context for the document (events surrounding, social background)
Provide at least one specific in text citation from the document, e.g. (document title) in parenthesis– in the body of the essay
Provide organization in paragraphs, style and grammar.
initial post should be one page single spaced times new roman 12 font


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