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Please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the Course Goals listed in the syllabus. Then write a minimum of a 1000 word APA-style
N584: Curriculum Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
This graduate level course focuses on designing nursing curriculum in diverse learning environments using evidence-based theories and concepts as well as relevant standards and criteria for evaluation. The relationship of nursing curriculum to the parent institution’s mission and philosophy is analyzed. Development, implementation and evaluation of a continuing education program for staff, patient or public education also is emphasized.
Course Goals:
By the conclusion of this course, student will be able to:
Analyze the influence of a mission statement, philosophy, and theoretical foundations in developing and assessing a curriculum.
Compare and contrast various approaches to curriculum development.
Assess the socio-cultural influences on nursing curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation.
Relate faculty development to curriculum development.
Evaluate data related to contextual factors that influence curriculum development, using findings to determine future curriculum direction.
Advocate for and support the need for integrating standards into the program of study.
Scrutinize the effects of integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum.
Participate in the evaluation of nursing curricula.

Module 1: Intro to Curriculum Development in Nursing Education
Module 2: Faculty Support and Development in Curriculum Development
Module 3: Leading and Organizing Curriculum Development
Module 4: Influence and Assessment of Contextual Factors
Module 5: Curriculum and Course Development
Module 6: Curriculum and Program Evaluation
Module 7: Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Staff Development and Patient Education
Module 8: Issues and Trends in Curriculum Development
Required Textbooks:
Billings, D. M. & J. A. Halstead. (2012). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (4th ed.). St. Louis: Saunders. ISBN: 9781455705511
Keating, S. B. (2011). Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing (2nd ed.). New York: Springer. ISBN: 978-0826107220
Iwasiw, C., Goldenberg, D., & Andrusyszyn, M. (2009). Curriculum development in nursing education (2nd ed.). Boston: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 978-0763755959


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