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Directions: The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the required course material: chapters 1-5 of the Scott text and other required readings. Therefore, outside sources are to be limited to information for examples. Each response should be 2-3 well-developed paragraphs in length (200-350 words), written in your own words.
Please use the Chicago Manual of Style (available through the Library website) for all citations and other document formatting. The assignment will be graded using the Review Assignment Rubric posted in Canvas. (125 points)
Reminder: Your assignment will automatically be sent to Turnitin when you submit it in Canvas. Therefore, I highly recommend that you submit it a day or two early to determine if all material has been properly cited. This will provide time for you to correct any citation errors that may occur.
Short Answer Questions:

There are several similarities and differences between international law and the ways in which law operates in a domestic – within a state – context. Thoroughly but succinctly compare and contrast international and domestic law with respect to its creation, implementation and enforcement. Be sure to use specific material from the readings.
The UN is often characterized as being instrumental in the creation and implementation of international law. Evaluate the extent to which you think the UN in particular, and IGOs in general, help or hinder the creation, implementation and enforcement of international law. Thoroughly but succinctly explain your response using specific material from the readings.
Scott discusses several different international judicial bodies – courts, tribunals, etc. Focusing on the ICJ, discuss the effectiveness of the Court with respect to interpreting and implementing international law. Pay particular attention to matters of jurisdiction, advisory opinions, and contentious cases.


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